BMO Internship Blog #1

This will be my first blog about my wonderful experience working at BMO this summer. I want to begin by giving much appreciation to all of the people who help me obtain this opportunity. This internship is a program in partnership with the Gary Comer Youth Center. Students spend 7 weeks working on a project and network with an executive of the bank via power lunch. 3 days a week I would meet with a professional of the bank who would teach me a life lesson and help me see the banking world through a different mindset. My personal goal for this internship was to learn as much possible about the financial services business and to create a personal connection with a BMO Executive. As I began this internship, I came off a really tough semester and felt my confidence was pretty low. I thought this internship would not only give me the ability to gain my confidence, but also give me a chance to see if working for a company is something I really wanted to do. I had a few personally fears that I believe would hold me up in this internship. First, I thought my hair would be a problem because I refused to shave all of my facial hair off. Banking is a very conservative business and they usually require all men to be fully shaved. Luckily for me, BMO is one of the most progressive banks. Furthermore, when explaining my fears to my boss he reassured me that you are perfectly fine keeping facial hair as long as you keep it clean. Furthermore, at orientation, that stated that they really want us to have a great experience and return to BMO when we graduate. With that in mind I was given a laptop, a cubicle and 3 projects to complete before I finish my internship.



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