BMO Internship Blog #2

My second week at BMO I was assigned a to the wealth management operations team. On this team, I was assigned 3 different projects to complete before my internship ended. First, I need to look through 3,500 emails and make an analysis of what these emails are and will the new software coming to the operation will lower the number of emails. Second, I need to conduct researching using call data in the office. My manager wanted to move customers from the operation team to the admin team and need an idea on how many call the admin team could expect. Finally, I was helping improve the bill pay process in the office. The bank adopted a very outdated bill pay format for some of its highest paying customers. This format means they took the physical bill and payed them for employees instead of handling thing via and app or a computer. I was task with talking to Mario and April and figuring how I can improve their projects. Moving away from my work, me and my intern cohort got to have catered dining with Bilal. Bilal is a vice president in Commercial banking. He works with the mid-corporate group and help connect me and my peers get connected with different people in the bank. For me he helps connect me with some of the lawyer that work for the bank. Sadly, I never got to meet the lawyer he connected with I valued his assistant with the connection. Bilal also explain how the mid-corporate group host loss of event to build go relations with potential customers. They go to place like baseball games and use them as a tool to show customer they are there to get to know the customer and make the best decision with their money. I loved the insight and the valuable information he gave me about staying confidence and spending time working on your craft to reach your goal in life.

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