BMO Internship Blog #3

In my third week in my internship with BMO, I learned a lot about development and the dedication it takes to develop skills. This week I meet with Jennifer Schlott-Rouzan for lunch and she wanted our conversation to be about how to sale. Sales is a very important skill for BMO because they have a lot of services that they want to sell to potential customers when they bank with BMO. In this conversation, she sold me on the importance of curiosity as an important skill for succeding in the business world. Learn to ask the right questions is often the difference maker in being a leader in the business world. She explained to me that if I wanted to go far in the business world I need to ask my supervisor and boss that right questions to show intelligence and to show that I am dedicated to the work that I am doing. Asking questions may seem like simple advice, but you can actually go into further depth. Later on that week, I began to learn about how robotics is changing the game for offices in the business world. Robotics is really changing the business world and may change the jobs people are doing in the office. In the future, I think that people will be focused on skills in the stem world as robotics speed up processes done on computers. I found myself really challenged because I have never worked in excel, and a lot of my project requires me to work in Microsoft Excel, so I had to watch a lot of videos about different skills in excel.

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