BMO Internship Blog #4

Week 4 update: leadership is a skill that is really about trying and believing in a vision. This internship is teaching me that you have to believe in where you want to go and do despite the adversity you may face. Leaders do where no one else is willing to do and that how you progress and get promoted in your career. As I continue to progress in this internship I am starting to think about what it will take to be successful. As I mentioned, in my first post I have been at a loss of confidence, and desperately need to figure out where I belong. Understanding what a leader is had to help me get a better understanding of how I am and what I care about is where I want to put my time. I had a conversation with David Askew and had a realization that I was forcing myself into a field where my I don’t want me because it’s what I love, but I want to be there because it’s what I want. I truly want to go to law school and pursue being a law and a lot of my supervisor at the bank connected me to people who can help me reach that goal. Furthermore, my supervisor showed me that a bank could be a great way to into law because of the connections the banks have. I and just so thanks I have this opportunity it is really relieving to know that I have options to reach my goals.

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