BMO Internship Blog #5

Hello Everyone,

This week I got a week off from my internship and went to a Leadershape leadership camp for African American males. I will write about this experience since my internship required to report about what I learned on this trips. This was a life change trip because I got to meet men from all across the world and have a conversation about serious issues and gained the ability to grow with these young men. Leadershape focused on helping young leader create goals for making the world more equitable. I spent this time think about how I want to make a change in the Juvenile Justice reform. I focused on learning how to create a way to prevent youth from going to JTDC( Juvenile temporary Detention Centers) and actually find a better place to help the youth develop. I also had the opportunity to really learn my personal value and understand that I am enough and there is a lot of strength in saying that phrase. All of my confidence issues ended thanks to this camp because I realized what I need to do succeed and I left with a better understanding of who I am. Furthermore, I got the opportunity to meet my Rory Verrett who was a really successful black man that graduate from Harvard. He explained to me the processes I need to follow if I really want to be successful in corporate America. Rory was a man that was once up to become the commissioner of the NFL and helps a lot with hiring executives., so advice from him is very helpful.

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