BMO Internship Blog #6

Finally, I have come to the end of my internship and I want to thank The LSA Opportunity Hub for helping me accepting this opportunity with BMO. I have learned a lot from the financial services and have mentally gotten my self together to succeed at UMich this next semester. I think my favorite experience of this internship was getting the opportunity to go to my lunches with executives. The story of every executive I met is always about there persistent and fight to reach their goal. I really liked Jennifer Schlott. I appreciate meeting woman that is really talented and know there worth. Jennifer worked for BMO but also ran a business on the side as a consult. She spends a lot of her time to help her team work on becoming good at sells. In my conversation with her I felt like i really learned a lot and I just glad I got to make that connection. I finished two out of 3 of my projects, sadly the week of cost me valuable time and I couldn’t complete the phone data due to lack of time and problems obtaining the phone data. I didn’t finish the project about the document and the read all 3,500 emails. At the end of my project, we had a dinner celebrating our growth and development and I have been asked to apply to BMO thought the internship program again next year. I haven’t got anything yet, but I do believe I will likely get the opportunity to work for BMO next summer. This has been an amazing summer and I am thankful for everyone who helped this happen.

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