Expecting the unexpected #6

You always hear that you should expect the unexpected. Yet, after calling your future boss and laying out the day to day plan and seeing the finalized schedule, do you think that what was laid out in front of you won’t be the plan? That what your boss tells you to prepare for in a few days is not at all what lies ahead. No. You don’t. You’re perplexed and a little bit confused. At least I was anyway.

But it wasn’t a bad thing. So, when it turned out that two of the main projects that my boss said I’d be leading were postponed until after my internship, I was a little thrown off. However, all of life does that, so I put aside the expectations and fell into the groove of things. Things never ever go as planned. You can be told that this is what you’re going to do and you can get in that headspace, but it’s best to wait until the events to arise. Patience is key. As it turned out, I loved the unexpected projects more than the ones that never occurred. 



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