Favorite Project

One of my favorite projects that I worked on over the course of a month was the company’s website. I completely revamped the layout, making it more artistically modern and user-friendly. Without being asked to, I decided to make a simple animation of the company’s logo frame by frame. I added it onto the main page, where it plays once when you first visit. My boss loved it! She was very impressed and showed everyone in the office. I also presented the company’s interior design portfolio aesthetically on the website. You can navigate each category (such as residential, retail, kids’ room, and product design) and view images in an easy-to-navigate way. My favorite page is the “About Us” tab, which I implemented after pitching the idea to my supervisor. Here, you can find images of the leading interior designers in the company and a small paragraph about their educational and work experiences. We had a fun photo shoot in the office with my camera for their headshots. I went beyond what was expected of me and learned to be versatile.  Before I left for Europe, I never would have imagined being able to accomplish this. Overall, I am so proud of how the website looks and made me realize what I was passionate about.


You can check it out here: https://mdk2studio.ro


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