Final Reflection-#6

I have said this often throughout the summer, but the truth is the truth. Interning at the Washtenaw County of the Public Defender was such unchartered territory for me that I did not have many expectations. However, this internship has brought me so much new knowledge and guidance that I cannot stop talking about this experience to others and recommending it to anyone with a genuine interest in law.

It is one thing to read about due process in a textbook, but it is completely different to see how it manifests in daily proceedings. While exposure to court was integral to my growth, I believe the best part of this experience was the personal connections that I made.

From working directly with Attorney Joy Gaines, judges, and my fellow interns, I now feel that I have a solid network of people I could talk to any time in the future. Additionally, meeting everyone helped me to see that there are many ways to become a lawyer beyond studying political science and immediately entering law school.

Moving forward, I feel that, it may have been merely a summer internship, but this experience has given me many new tools and has put me on a path to achieving my goal of actually becoming a lawyer in the future.

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