Final Takeaways #6

My internship at Visi Productions has overall been an extremely educational and enlightening experience. I can honestly say I have become a better photographer, videographer and editor from this internship, and that is all I hoped to gain from it.

For my photography I learned that location and lighting are absolutely everything when it comes to creating amazing photos. Although, most photos of weddings are semi-staged I observed from one of my mentors, Brandon, that challenging yourself to work with the location/items/couple gives you more beautiful and candid photos. Plus, he had an eye for taking one part of a location and making it look very cinematic and glamorous on camera. I will be using his techniques in my future work.

For my videography I learned that details are very important and you have to have patience when moving the camera for those important detail shots. I also learned the importance of shooting only the footage that you need, although shooting multiple times is good for practice, it is good not to over shoot because you don’t want to waste the editors time later on. I was lucky to have a boss, Evis, that enjoyed showing me the best ways to shoot things and details and he would always give me good constructive criticism.

For my editing I learned how important audio is when it comes to editing ceremonies and highlights, music is also a big factor in determining the mood of each video. The Visi Productions team also showed me some amazing programs for syncing together footage and audio taken from multiple cameras and lining them up on the same timeline. I knew there were programs like that but it was great to get some experience using them.

I really want to thank my boss and the rest of the Visi Productions team for giving me an amazing internship experience. Although I don’t think I want to work in wedding and event videography forever the experience was extremely educational and I made some great friends and mentors along the way. I’ll miss the days of watching time-lapses and spending 3 hours or more getting details of the reception hall.

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