First Day | #1

This summer, I’ll be working at the Corner Health Center in Ypsilanti. The Corner aims to provide equitable healthcare, and serves youth ages 12 through 25. They have a focus on LGBTQ+ healthcare, and also run an educational youth theatre troupe. I’m really excited to be working here because I get to design my own project. I have a lot of agency in what I’m going to be doing research on, and my supervisor is really supportive of all of my ideas. For my project, I’m going to be researching the barriers to healthcare access for women of color, and then designing an implicit racial bias training for medical professionals at the Corner. Additionally, I’ll be helping to lead an empowerment group for women and nonbinary individuals of color, where we will discuss barriers to healthcare and focus on how to both navigate the healthcare system as it stands, and also how to advocate for ourselves and change that system.


As a woman of color who has had a lot of health issues, I’m really excited to be doing this research. I think that implicit racial bias in healthcare is something that isn’t talked about often enough, let alone confronted. I am really hoping that the medical professionals at the Corner are receptive to the training, but it obviously could be a challenge if they are not. I think that because the Corner is already a place that strives to be equitable, it definitely will be a lot easier for me to be doing a training there, versus somewhere that might not even want to admit that racism in medicine exists.

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