First Week of Teaching

After weeks of planning and working out the logistics for different field trips, the first week of Contextual Learning finally arrived and was  filled with nervousness, excitement, and of course learning!

On the first day of class, I walked in excited to meet my students and finally having the chance to get to know them. Having never taught such a large group of children before, I was worried that it would be chaotic and that they wouldn’t follow my directions. However, after I finished taking morning attendance and explaining what each group was going to be doing throughout the day, I found my students to be very quiet. To break the ice, I prepared a couple of ice breakers so everyone could get to know each other. We began with Two Truths and a Lie. Everyone shared three statements and the class had to guess which was the lie. As more students became excited to participate in the game, the pit of nervousness in my stomach slowly disappeared.

One of the first field trips I chaperoned for Grade 7s was an escape room. All students were split into groups with people they’re less familiar with so that they can learn how to work together with different people. It was interesting to see how each student’s personality come out; some preferred to quietly look for clues while others needed to speak aloud to make sense of the situation. Unfortunately our group did not escape within the given timeframe but it was still great to see the students work with one another towards a common goal!

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