Interning in Italy comes with many benefits, but first and foremost the best advantage is the access to all the great food! Italian food is very local, as each region has its own style, particular dishes, and ingredients. (For example, Naples is known for its pizza while Genova is known for its pesto!). Venice, in particular, is famous for its seafood, being on the coast. Most days after work I was able to go out to dinner with other interns and try all the dishes available. Some of my favorites that I would recommend include: spaghetti alla seppie nere (spaghetti with squid ink…it comes out black but is fantastic), spaghetti alla busara (spaghetti with tomato sauce and crawfish), and lastly any kind of risotto (although I prefer risotto di pesce). Be aware! Whenever you go to a restaurant to order risotto, usually you must order at least two portions, as the preparation of risotto is more time consuming and must be done on the spot, while pasta can be made more easily and quickly in a restaurant.


One meal in particular stands out among the rest. A group of interns and I went to Osteria da Alberto, a two minute walk from my apartment! We had all the dishes I explained above in addition to a lot of mixed fried seafood and an insalata di polpo (octopus salad!). The meal was incredible in the quality of the food but also the ambiance. It is a cute, small restaurant with an older feel, decorated with wine bottles. Afterwards, we went to Suso for gelato (a hot topic in our intern group was which gelateria was truly the best…many thought Suso. It is still undecided!)


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