Geoffrey Reeves Blog Post #3 Michigan Football Strength Staff Intern

After another week of getting used to the new schedule and life of being a strength coach, I am starting to be able to be more engaged in the work and ask more questions about the thought processes of creating and maintaining high level athletes. One aspect that Coach Herb really began to stress was nutrition. He says in essence that the food that you put in your body promotes things such as muscle repair, thus alleviating muscle soreness and other side effects that could cause an individual to overcompensate with other muscles, causing injury.
So, as a first step, I asked and observed what steps were both given directly and indirectly to alleviate soreness. First and foremost, each workout is always started with some type of warmup, which varies throughout the week depending on what we did the day before. The warmup never consists of stretching, however. Instead, techniques such as tempering. Tempering is something that I can say is something that I would think is absolutely insane. It involves using a steel roller that is over 100 pounds and rolling it over your muscles. The idea of using the heavy weight, which I can say from experience hurts extremely bad, is to roll out the kinks in the muscles. Once completed, you feel brand new. Techniques such as tempering, along with hydrating your body and fueling it with lean muscle promoting foods are all vital in the preparation of college athletes for their upcoming season.

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