Geoffrey Reeves Blog Post #4 Michigan Football Strength Staff Intern

About midway through the internship, I can say that I think I am finally getting into the groove of things. I am no longer terrified of missing my alarm at 3:30 am, and I am beginning to get a lot closer to each member of the staff. As a player, they have to treat me as such and make sure not to say certain things around me that may be unprofessional. After some time however, I am beginning to earn their trust more and learn more about each of them as individuals outside of their jobs as high level, high intensity coaches. Every strength coach was a football player at each of the 3 divisions of football offered by the NCAA. They shared their experiences with me and have really guided me into not only becoming a better player, but a better person. One thing that Coach Herb constantly preaches about is attention to detail. Attention to detail, regardless of the profession that I want to go into, is something that is going to take me as far as I want to go in whichever career path that I choose to partake in. These coaches have taught me an incredible amount more than imaginable through their actions more than their words. I am privileged to be able to follow such a focused and determined group of people at the height of their profession.

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