Geoffrey Reeves Blog Post #5 Michigan Football Strength Staff Intern

Nearing an end toward the internship with the strength staff, we are around our 7th week of training for the summer. Everyone’s bodies are obviously progressing, and coach Herb is being praised by media for aiding in the collective effort of making a championship ready football team. In doing so, he is keeping players fresh and healthy. Coach Herb has recently pushed me to become more vocal in the groups that I have been helping to coach in helping correct different individuals form. Throughout the whole summer, one of the things that I have been trying to work on is my confidence in being able to knowingly look at someone’s form and realize that it is not correct, then show them the correct way. Having not had any real textbook classes on a majority of these exercises, I don’t want to show people the wrong form, so I would just be quiet and stand there, which is a big problem when your a strength coach. You have to be a vocal presence that is pushing each individual to reach within themselves when they think that they have nothing left. These workouts are designed to be both mentally and physically draining, so the strength coaches are there to help guide and influence the team into knowing their own capabilities, and then leaving it to the player leaders to guide everyone together and finish strong. Observing the coaches is teaching me that there are a variety of ways to not only pull a team together, but to make them realize that they are both physically and mentally stronger than they could fathom. I am becoming a better leader by watching every strength coach lead these players to their full potential in their own, unique way.

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