Geoffrey Reeves Blog Post #6 Michigan Football Strength Staff Intern

Now at the end of my internship, I can say that I have probably learned more from this internship than any one that I have completed in the past. I have interned for a chemistry laboratory group on the synthesis of catalytic compounds, and under a urologist. In each of those internships, the people that I learned under didn’t exactly have the time to help me become necessarily better at the hands on portion of the field. The chemistry exceeded every class that I ever took and was complicated, and I am for sure not certified to operate on somebody when they are knocked out on a table. In the weight room, however, they allowed me to go through the workouts and it felt like a contributed. I genuinely felt as though I helped in making each player a little bit better this summer through my position in the weight room. I learned attention to detail, however everything that you do matters in everyday life. How your attitude is everything, it does not matter how you feel, either way the job has to get done. These are all life lessons that I’ll be able to take with me in whatever career that I choose to follow. On top of all of those things, I learned that preparation, both with meals and warmups, is what makes the difference between healthy and unhealthy athletes. I can’t thank Coach Herb and his staff enough for what they helped me learn throughout the summer. I have a better shape for what it takes to be the best at your profession. ‘And if you are wondering if Coach Herb’s method of training works, just check some players Instagram pictures it’s ridiculous’

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