Giddiness | #3

After changing scope on my research, the weeks that have followed have been amazing and some of my favorite of the summer so far. I’m now working on creating an application that can accurately analyze and visualize energy data and utilities data from relevant APIs and datasets. I can’t talk too much about the details as I am in an NDA, but I can say it’s been a fantastic experience.

First, I’ve gotten the opportunity to interact with a bunch of energy industry professionals, from utility workers, engineers, energy consultants, and energy financiers, to understand their jobs and the role they play in making the energy industry run smoothly. From their perspectives, I was able to craft an overarching story and theme for the industry, and pinpoint the data each needs most to make sure they can succeed at their tasks. The process itself though, of getting to meet new people and learn from them, has been my favorite experience so far this summer.

After all, what’s the point of living life and going about things unless you’re interacting with those around you and learning from them? This is one thing I have always tried to do in my life, and consider the perspectives and views of others whenever I can, in order to not only see the world in a new light but to also consider why others react the way they do to the world around them. Through this, I can learn so much from the perspectives of others, and see how their skills can be applied to make a difference. These opportunities to talk and interview various professionals in the energy industry offered just that to me, and I found myself learning more about the energy industry and its inner workings in two weeks than I have in the last four months through my personal research.

This new information and insights excites me, as it not only makes my work feel more relevant and practical by putting a face to the individuals my work impacts, but it shows me the bigger picture for their work and the impact it bears. It’s already been an intense few weeks of my summer adventure, but I find myself giddy and unable to wait for the next few adventures that await me with my work.

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