Throughout my internship, I’ve grown tremendously as a content creator. Not only this, but I’ve learned to accept criticism, something I struggled with in the past. In an office full of artistic interior designers, I’ve learned that getting feedback on my graphics and content is incredibly beneficial. Because all of my supervisors and coworkers have years of schooling in art, design, and architecture, I have an endless supply of structured opinions and recommendations. They are very critical of my work, something I am very grateful for and learned not to take feedback personally. Receiving advice and critiques is the only way I can improve and grow as a person. I often ask my coworkers for their opinions of various color schemes and textual captions. After this, my chief supervisor will make comments and suggestions for changes. I now look at details that I wouldn’t have paid attention to before and also evaluate my compositions at a future time to see it with a “different eye.” These habits help me grow as an independent worker that relies less on the viewpoints of others. However, I believe that as an artistic creator, receiving opinions and critiques is essential to growth. There is always room for improvement. Despite being my own worst critic, I’m learning to be more accepting of my failures. I’ve discovered so much about my passions, strengths, and abilities through this real life, professional experience.

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