The second weekend trip us interns decided to take was to visit the historical city of Hampi. Hampi is a ancient city known for its numerous temple ruins dating back to the Vijayanagara Empire. It is also a UNESCO world heritage site. In addition to having many temples, there are also a variety of shrines, structures, and complexes.

To get to the city, we took an overnight sleeper bus from Bangalore and rode for eight hours. Upon arriving, we got into a rickshaw and drove deeper into the city. One thing I noticed upon arriving was the number of rocks everywhere. Later I learned that Hampi is set in a rocky terrain which is why there were boulders upon boulders on the hills.

The historical architecture of Hampi is truly spectacular; I would recommend anyone who comes to India to visit if they have a chance. The carvings inside and outside the temples were so intricate and detailed. My favorite sites to visit were the stone chariot and the elephant stables. From afar the stables looked small but when we later walked under one, we realized how big and tall it really was! There were in total 11 chambers for the elephants. Because I was only in Hampi for two days, I had to rush to see all the sights. If I have the chance again to visit India, I would love to spent a few more days exploring Hampi. 




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