India Initiative Internship – Follow up for Week 3, Part 2: Hey, I Met My Family!

Note:  This blog was supposed to be posted during my third week in India.

Alright, so (with the break approved from Dr. Govind beforehand) I’m finally back from meeting my relatives in Kolkata and Delhi for a couple of days.  I forgot to say beforehand that I briefly met a cousin of mine who is working in Bangalore for a bit during my second week (it was fun, we ate and went to Bangalore Palace).

Kolkata was definitely an interesting time.  Way too short, but I met my Aunt Banu and nani (my mom’s mom) after a while.  I also made a cute little friend there:

This is my cousin Jiya.  Last time I saw her, she was just a kind of a mischievous three year old.  Now she’s kind of a mischievous eight year old.  She also knows much more English in comparison to my skill set with Hindi (which means I have to try harder even though I feel like I mess up all the time).  We didn’t have time to sight see much, but I went to the mall with her and got her bright pink lipstick (she looked at the one I had in my purse and wanted one like it, so I was just like “sure”).  We later had dinner at a place that served Mughlai cuisine, which was great until I had a mild tummy upset the next day.  But my aunt had medication, so that got solved within a day.

I then went to Delhi and met many more people on my mom and dad’s side.  It was also way, way too short but I got to see aunts, uncles, and cousins that I haven’t met in a long time…to list them all out would take too long.  It was really nice to see and know some trustworthy faces that I ultimately think didn’t really exist cause of how far they were from me.

That’s all I’ve got now….ONTO MY LAST WEEK!


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