India Initiative Internship – Follow up for Week 3: NO MY ROOF!  Also, an excursion coming up.

Note:  This blog was supposed to be posted during my third week in India.

So my third week has passed and some major things have occurred – both good and bad.  I’m getting more of a move on with editing the tumor board, which has been a struggle since I’m not really a computer person (I literally just know Word and PowerPoint and I feel like anyone who isn’t in Computer Science will know how much a normal human being can’t stand Excel).  But it’s been, at the very least, a fun challenge since I’m learning something new that will only become more and more useful to know about in the digital age.  Beyond that, the surgeries that I’ve also gotten a chance to witness have been widespread in terms of area; I’m supposed to be just an intern for the GI department that Dr. Govind (i.e. my employer) is the head of, but beyond that I’ve also witnessed operations from circumsions to mascetomies.  I’ve slowly gotten used to looking at not just naked people, but naked people with cameras literally inside them.  It’s pretty interesting and whenever the head and assistant surgeons aren’t too busy, any sort of explanations they have on what exactly they’re doing has always been fascinating.
Now for the bad news.  My roof….it leaked.  Twice.  And it rains. So. So. Much.
My landlady, Naresha, has been trying to get the builders to fix it, but it’s taking longer than expected due to elections in Bangalore…nobody is working right now.
Fortunately for me, nothing got completely damaged.  I almost thought my laptop was gonna die since a few drops of water went on the keyboard and the screen blacked out for a second, but it came back and nothing else got water damaged (partly because I went crazy trying to put everything I owned in cupboards).  Whenever it got to bad, I grabbed a few essentials, stayed in Naresha’s house, and slept in the bedroom with Padmini (Naresha’s mother-in-law, aka my third grandma).
The end of this week, I’ll be going to Kolkata and Delhi to meet relatives (they haven’t seen me for 5 years), so I’ll touch a little on that.

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