India Initiative Internship – Follow Up for Week 4: I’m leaving too abruptly tbh.

Note:  This blog was supposed to be posted during my fourth and final week in India.

So….this is it.  After visiting my extended family again, I’ve gotten a chance to return to the cottage I’m staying at and work in the hospital for the last few days.  And everything was way too quick and abrupt.  I delivered my completed, re-vamped design of the tumor board on the last day I was there.  My goodbyes, while I was able to make them, felt way too short.  Especially since I’ve gotten to know Dr. Govind and members of his team in a much more close light than I  initially thought I would.  It’ll pain me not to see international doctors like Dr. Ash, physician assistants like Shruthi, or long time veterans like Dr. Ramraj again anytime soon (speaking of Dr. Ramraj, he is just now becoming a consultant after being an assistant consultant for quite a while now, which is really exciting…to me at least).

Perhaps even more bittersweet is saying my goodbyes to Naresha and her family, who basically accepted me and treated me as another member.  Even though it was only for a month, through being with them, I got to see a really nice,  calm family dynamic (which, from my past experiences, is a lot harder to come by than one thinks).  I got to really talk with Padmini, Naresha’s mother-in-law, who basically treated me as a temporary granddaughter, which is honestly more than I deserve.  And I’ll really miss their two dogs…but I’ll miss Candy more since Snowy has pounced on me way too many times for comfort. 🙂

That’s all I have.  I’ll be traveling back to the states to give some after thoughts.  Until then, see ya soon!

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