Internship Post: Expectations vs Reality

As a college and career readiness instructor, I had big plans on teaching strategies to rising sophomores on how to tackle the ACT test. I also had big plans for the rising seniors to construct their personal statements. It wasn’t until I began the lesson that I realized that the students do not fully understand what I am talking about. I had to take a few steps back and realize that rising sophomores do not know much about the ACT test besides the fact that their school requires them to take it their junior year. I also had to realize that the rising seniors simply looked at personal statements as essays on why they want to go to college. I had to go into depth about both subjects (presenting, timelines, important things to note, answering a million and one questions) before we actually moved on to my lessons. I come from the same background and the same schools as most of my students, so I was surprised at myself for not realizing that this material would be brand new to them, despite how close they are to finishing high school. I guess I was in the mindset of a being an eager college student. Fortunately, the students stopped me in my tracks when they did not understand some concepts, and continuously asked questions.

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