Internship Post: What is Upward Bound?

Trio Upward Bound is a program funded by the US Department of Education to work with underrepresented (typically low-income) high school students to ensure academic success and entry into a post-secondary institution. Each summer, Upward Bounds hosts a summer academy to prepare students for their courses for the upcoming fall semester. In addition to this, the summer academy incorporates college and career readiness, community service, college tours, and other forms of events and field trips to enhance students’ learning. My role in this program is a college and career readiness co-instructor. In this position, I work closely with the program director to create the agenda for the overnight college experiences in the final weeks of the program. This includes week’s stay at Fontbonne University, and a four day out-of-state college road trip (we will be taking the students to the south this year). I am also responsible for working closely with the full time counselors to support their courses that focus on college and career readiness for all grade levels. As a college student, I support the course instructor for the college writing class by working with students to develop and enhance literary and writing skills as they prepare to draft a personal statement. I also co-supervise the debate and health and fitness club.

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