Internship’s Influence | #5

This internship had a tremendous impact on my future school, career, and life plans.  When I accepted the job I knew I wanted to enter the Event Management Career Field but I didn’t realize the breadth and depth of this career path. I knew I wanted to plan events, but didn’t necessarily know which ones. After working this summer I have a much better idea of what I would like to do. My summer at SYC helped me to determine this career path because it exposed me to many different types of events. I helped with countless small events such as meetings and graduation parties. I assisted with 2 weddings, 1 memorial service, and 3 family reunions. Furthermore, I planned 4 large events averaging 300 attendees. The plethora of different types of events I was exposed to allowed me to decide which ones I enjoyed  and which ones were not a good fit. After next summer at SYC I would like to enter corporate event management. I suspect this will not be an incredibly great fit for me, but I think it is the most responsible decision. It will allow me a guaranteed salary, job security, and a network of coworkers who will help me to continue to learn about the career. After a few years I hope I will feel comfortable enough to open my own company! This has always been a dream of mine and I believe with enough hard work it will be possible.

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