Irritation: Post #4

Honestly, the only reason why this blog post is even being written is to rant while at the same time getting something done. So basically, I’m having a lot of trouble with efficiently completing things. I always come into the office early and work on assigned tasks or research. It just feels like I’m on the computer solely typing and reading, and the next thing I know, it’s already lunch; and then all of a sudden, it’s time to go home.
It’s a very frustrating situation because I know I can do more and really want to contribute as much as I can. Additionally, this work is very important to me, so it has become discouraging not being able to accomplish my goals.
However, I am very fortunate to work with mentors I feel comfortable around. Normally, I would stay quiet and panic in silence until I figure something out last minute. So, it is nice to know that I can be open about my progress and get help, which, visibly (obviously etc), has always been a weakness of mine. Being more vocal about where I’m at and what I need has allowed me to gain different perspectives on approaching dilemmas and just squashes the fuss that comes along with all of it. I should do this more often (even though I have been saying this forever).

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