It’s all about the Data | #5

After two months of learning how to analyze and visual data from various energy sources and utility operations, it’s safe to say this fellowship has greatly influenced me with regards to the importance of data.

I don’t think I’ve ever had so much fun learning something new as I did learning how to visualize data in various forms. This excitement and overall experience has influenced me to focus greatly on learning data visualization during the remainder of my undergraduate career, and looking into careers that focus on utilizing data visualization for advancement in energy and the social good. With this, my fellowship and experience with the energy sector has taught me the importance of multidisciplinary thinking, and how the energy sector is inherently intertwined with other sectors, such as public policy and public health. This has influenced me to get my feet wet more and explore public policy and public health through taking classes at the respective schools on campus.

With regards to overall life plans, I think I have some more clarity on what I want to do in the energy sector, and how to better go about it. Before, I just knew I wanted to get involved in the energy sector, but was somewhat at a loss of how to best do that. Now, I feel like I have a better grasp of this, and realize I am inherently interested in data analysis and data visualization. These two skills have large potential in the energy sector, and are a stepping stone that I can now take as I continue to figure my career plans out.

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