Journal 5 (Pride)

Motor City Pride was this past weekend and though I was out of town with my boyfriend doing other things, its definitely something I feel strongly about and wanted to write about.

Based on accounts from my fellow gay cohort members it was a really crummy Pride. It was super rainy, and people didn’t really feel like they got what they paid for/wanted. To me that tells me a couple things: organizers and city officials were most likely either not gay (LGBT+) or underfunded, which is most definitely indicative of a lack of citywide investment in queer people as a community within the city. This might be a broad generalization but I think it’s definitely a conversation we need to be having. If cities as entities (including police etc.) want to be represented and respected at Pride, they need to have a genuine investment and not just treat it as a publicity stunt.

While on the topic of publicity stunts: All these corporations and public figures at Pride need to genuinely pony up and support queer people or get the hell out of pride spaces. Pride is supposed to be a celebration of love and rebellion, not a space for publicity stunts from politicians (even well intentioned politicians (Gretchen Whitmer)) and pandering from corporations to get gay peoples’ money. I know especially that first statement about politics is a little on the radical side of beliefs, but so long as cops continue to kill black trans women, and governments deny basic rights and protections to queer people, I don’t want them breaking bread with me at Pride because THEY are not my family, and THEY have nothing to be proud of.

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