Leadership | #4

Throughout my time at Edge On Demand I have begun to see necessity of having  a strong leader at the front of any company. While this is important for large corporations, it is doubly important for a growing small business. A small business does not have the resources to delegate tasks to a specialized team in that field. Every worker must carry a larger load and be able to function across multiple fields. As one can imagine, trying to stay organized and on-task when the rigors of running a business demand your attention is not easy. Moreover, trying to maintain a sufficient level of organization is even more difficult.

This summer I have been able to see the daily chaos that occurs at any company. In the case of a small business, it takes an entire team to make the operation run smoothly. Leadership is essential in this environment, and at Edge On Demand I have seen one way in which to manage the team. The main path to stability in this plan is accountability. Each Monday there is a meeting with the entire company to discuss goals and update on where each project is headed. Then, on a daily basis, there are smaller one-on-one meetings to invidually discuss progress. In this way everyone is able to be on the same page with what is expected, and we can hold each other accountable when what is needed is not completed on time.

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