My Growth and Advice

During my internship at MDK2 Studio for Interior Design, I have identified my strengths and weaknesses as an individual, as well as a digital content creator. My tasks include posting on social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. The company seeks to establish an image by increasing their online presence. To succeed in my role, I must have a strong foundation of social media metrics and an understanding of what makes content shareable. Not only this but when content is most shareable. Despite not having a lot of experience before this internship, I was able to be adaptable and versatile. My advice to anyone doing a digital marketing internship is to learn how to use “Insights” on Facebook. This is crucial for reaching the biggest audience as well as receiving the most engagements. Posting at “peak” time might not always be the best idea since the company will be competing with many other posts. I’ve found that the best times to post on Facebook were usually during off-peak times. I have much to learn about consumer behavior and want to further develop my skills in creating engaging content. Acquiring these competencies require experience, but luckily for me, there are many studies and information on the internet that will help me better understand my audience. Learning through trial and error is extremely important. I recommend analyzing postings that fail and did not reach a good amount of engagements and learn from those that were very successful. During the two months that I have worked here, I have faced multiple failures. At first, I was extremely discouraged and frustrated. Looking back, I wish I took this opportunity to learn from my mistakes and accept failure as a process of growth. In the beginning, I did not accept big projects or was too afraid to pitch my idea. After gaining confidence, I’ve learned to take risks and make my voice heard. This internship was a great learning experience for me personally as well as professionally.

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