My Summer Fellowship | #1

For this summer, I will be a Research Fellow at the University of Michigan Energy Institute.

For this fellowship, I will be spending 10 weeks conducting research on the feasibility, environmental impacts, and social implications of creating a global power grid.

I will be examining the current electrical infrastructure and national power grids of various countries (specifically: United States, China, India, and France) and modeling them on the softwares CytoScape and ArcGIS. Through these models, I will conduct life cycle assessments and input-output analyses of each power grid to assess the environmental impacts and economic burdens. From here, I will serve to explore the concepts of energy justice and energy equity in each power grid scenario, to determine how accessible and fair accessibility is on current power grids. Through this, I will be able to compose a multidisciplinary view on the current state of power grids around the world.

Taking this current view, I will then search out improvements that can be made in power grid development, researching aspects of policy, grid development, and energy strategy that can foster the development of global power grids that are more sustainable, accessible, and robust overall.

The end product of my internship will be a case study and recommendation plan laying out a clear depiction on the state of current power grids in the countries of study, along with an analysis on the current state of power grid development in the world. From here, the recommendation plan outlines potential strategies that can be implemented to promote development of a universally accessible and sustainable global power grid by 2060.

As for what drew me to this opportunity – I am extremely interested in the energy sector and the future of energy, along with the ripple effects transformations in energy will bear on society.

This fellowship will play a pivotal role in my professional development and future endeavors. I see myself not only gaining wisdom and experience through this fellowship, but getting my hands dirty with some hands on energy experience and work that will better prepare me for recruiting in the energy industry, along with giving me a physical end product I can bring with me to future endeavors to showcase my capabilities and potential to excel in the field.

This is a prime opportunity for me to gain experience in the field, further my understanding regarding energy, and ultimately create a professional end product that I can use to showcase my knowledge and experience in the energy field during future professional inquiries and job searching.

Ultimately, this fellowship bears several implications for me, as a student and budding member of society. For me, this fellowship is a chance to pursue my interests and experience the field I so desperately want to experience, with guidance from countless experts and the entire wisdom of the Energy Institute at my disposal. This fellowship is the gateway. A gateway to a wonderful, challenging, and rewarding summer experience. A gateway to opening up future questions and insights about energy and electricity that I will want to explore. A gateway to letting me become the professional I strive to be.

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