Post-Internship Reflection

It feels weird writing a post-internship reflection because I will actually continue working with the same person on the same things this school year. However, this internship was very influential in terms of my future plans. I was able to see how large scale particle physics collaborations function (and it’s amazing), as well as actually participate in the collaboration. I feel like I have become a better scientist and programmer and I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to get to work on such world class research. I think that because of this internship I am more interested in pursuing a career in science. One thing this internship also taught me was the need for women in science and for efforts to encourage more diversity in science in general. This is something I have always felt passionate about, and a way I think that I can help make a difference if I do go into science.

One thought on “Post-Internship Reflection

  • August 31, 2018 at 4:54 pm

    My internship has concluded and I must admit, I have very mixed emotions. I experienced some anticipated challenges. I also experienced challenges that came as a total shock to me. Through it all, I feel that I have grown both academically and personally. I am now better equipped to guide others through certain pitfalls because I managed to navigate through them myself. I emerged unscathed and what’s most important, I emerged stronger because of the trials I experienced during my internship.

    I learned a lot about myself this summer. Advocating for the poor, undeserved, marginalized and less privileged now takes precedence over earning a large salary. I now have a new perspective on my career choices, thanks largely to my summer internship. My career focus has changed dramatically and my course selection going forward will reflect my newly discovered purpose.


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