Pride is not your Priority

In the world of development there will be daily reminders that even an expert is going to be thrown curveballs that they weren’t prepared to deal with, especially if you’re still a learning intern. In developing countries changes are fast paced and unexpected and I guess you should just become to expect things like that. There will be daily instances where you’re unsure of how you should be handling a situation and that’s okay.


Here’s why it is essential that your pride is not your priority:

1.) You’re not serving the community you’re working for by pretending you know what you’re doing when you don’t. You’re not admitting a personal failure, you’re calling people to your circle to seek help, answers and solutions. Viable solutions create viable results in communities and if you don’t know the viable solution, reach out!

2.) It is more impressive to admit your shortcomings than to be confident in something you don’t know and fail. When you’re working in development, your work isn’t really for you, it’s to better the community you’re serving. If that isn’t your first and foremost priority then you should probably consider another line of work.

3.) It helps build a sense of community and teamwork when you can be honest enough with yourself and the people around you that you need help. By working together to create plans of action you’re reinforcing in the community that as a collective, your organization is here for the long haul, even if the individual person is not.

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