Reflections on Career Goals

When I graduated high school, I knew that I would study in a Women’s Studies program. Since childhood, I have always been interested in women’s issues. However, I knew that I had to pair that learning experience with another major. This isn’t because I thought that the Women’s Studies major would not be enough. Instead, I wanted to enhance it with more skills, in a slightly different area.

For this reason, I chose political science. I wanted to actively work towards change for women and craft policies that would present creative solutions to serious problems.

However, for the first year, I had trouble reconciling these goals. The classes that I took for each department just seemed so different. It seemed to me that the connection I had seen was waning. I found myself compartmentalizing the two studies.

This all changed when I started working for SMG Strategies. Suddenly, the two seemed anything but at odds. My boss embodied the very experience that I had been looking for. By training women to run for office, and empowering communities, she was working towards goals that I believe in. Working for her took the rigid academic lessons that I had been learning, and put them into perspective.

Two summers later, I now know exactly what I will do when I graduate. It’s because of my time at SMG Strategies that I have learned how to work towards goals that are important to me.

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