Reflections on Having a Mentor

I first stumbled across SMG Strategies by chance. Funnily enough, it was because my mother was gushing about me while traveling on an airplane. By chance, the stranger that she happened to be gushing with turned out to be a game changer for me. A veteran of politics herself, she was kind enough to give her contact information to my mother to give to me. A year later, looking for an internship, I emailed the stranger… and she connected me with my current boss!

When I think about this coincidence, I am very grateful for how lucky I was. It’s because of some random meeting that I’m now working towards something great, while getting to do what I love! I’m also so happy that through this, I was able to find a mentor in my boss.

My boss is honestly amazing. She is more than happy to give me career advice, boost my confidence in my qualifications, and open doors for me. She is constantly thinking about what I and the other interns are getting out of our experience with her, and always looking to expand our set of skills. Last October, she even flew us to Minnesota for a convention! I know that I can count on her to be my mentor and, even friend.

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