Reflections on My Favorite Project

Since joining the SMG Strategies team, I have had the opportunity to try on many different hats. My boss has always made sure that we get to work on projects that we’re interested in, while diversifying our skills. Many times, this means running our own projects.

Unfortunately, I can’t talk about the details of my favorite project. However, I can give an overview.

The project’s goal was to basically encourage more people (especially women) to run for office. This is because not everyone who should run, actually does.

At first, I had tasks I had to perform. Although these continued, I was soon able to take more liberty with the trajectory of the project.

Working towards this goal was fun. It allowed me to work on the ground with people, while also looking at the bigger picture. I felt in charge but involved, allowing me to be both creative and implementive. I couldn’t have asked for a better balance!

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