Starting Off – #1

NOTE: While I was just awarded my internship scholarship, I have already been working at this position for about a week!


So, this summer I finally got a job. Given that I have two majors and a minor, I’ve spent my last few summers studying abroad and taking classes to try and get through all of the requirements I had to meet. Now that graduation is inevitably getting closer I had to start refocusing my time.


The job that I found is working as a fellow on Bob Massie’s campaign for Governor of Massachusetts. I’m originally from Michigan, and very invested in the gubernatorial race there, but I plan on relocating post graduation. In terms of the Democratic primary, there are two candidates, and my choice of working for Bob seemed obvious once I did my research. He’s a true progressive and has dedicated his entire professional life to activism. He advertises that his campaign is based on grassroots movements, and with my time here so far I think he’s been genuine. On top of that, getting to know Bob has solidified my choice in the position. He’s animated, passionate, knowledgeable, and goes out of his way to take time and just talk with people around the office.


The position itself involves a lot of diverse work. On my very first day I was doing phonebanking to try and recruit more volunteers to the campaign, and the next day I was going through Bob’s personal notebooks doing an inventory on them, and the day after that I was organizing and creating spreadsheets with the information from 700 business cards.  While I’m really good at the tedious, repetitive work, I’m not as good at the phonebanking. I’ve always had a hard time making phone calls to anybody, and I’ll chalk it up to a certain level of social anxiety that I’ve always dealt with. Once I have to start canvassing and working with people face-to-face I know that I’ll be fine, but it’s the kind of disconnected communication that goes with talking on the phone that I’m nervous about. While this definitely poses a challenge right now, I hope that I’ll learn how to get over this anxiety.  


In terms of opportunities, I’m just excited to learn how a campaign works. I’ve been involved in different kinds of activism for a few years, but I feel like working on a campaign will give me a greater insight as to how change can happen at a more professional level.


I have a feeling that I won’t be doing the same work as the weeks go on that I’m doing now, and I’m most excited to see how things shift and

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