Surprises and Changes | #2

It’s been a few weeks and I think I finally have a good grasp on things for my fellowship. I really enjoy spending time with members of my cohort, and look forward to the weekly learning sessions hosted by the Energy Institute, where speakers come in to talk about specific niches of the energy industry and potential future of energy. These aspects of my fellowship have exceeded my expectations, and created a nice summer community for me to feel part of. This has also been the most surprising aspect of the summer so far for me – I did not expect to have such a welcoming community to work alongside with this summer, nor did I expect to be able to interact with such prominent researchers in the energy sector on a weekly basis.

As for where my expectations have differed from my fellowship, the actual work I am doing has changed drastically. I thought I would be doing more of a case study style approach to my research, but within the last week I have completely changed trajectory on things. After reaching out to some firms in the energy sector and local professionals in the utilities sector, I have changed scope on my fellowship to instead focus on creating an interactive tool that can better analyze and visualize energy data and utilities data. In short, I’ve shifted from a more policy and economic focused research to one that focuses more on data analytics and data visualization. A completely different project, I know, but this is something I find myself incredibly more excited and ready to tackle.

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