The Energy Industry | #3

When I joined the Edge On Demand team, I knew very little about the entire world of energy. From production to distribution, there were so many facets of the whole operation that we’re foreign to me. There is no way I could cover all the information I have learned within the first month, let alone the whole summer, so I won’t try to explain everything. I will, however, say I have learned very much about what we do at Edge, and why what we do is important.


While this may seem obvious, a single purchaser of energy has multiple meters that track their usage. Each meter has its own pricing rate, which can change daily, and each client can have multiple meters. When you have a client in charge of thousands of properties, the extreme volume of meters, each using electricity, adds up quickly. Our job at Edge is to take the data recorded by every single meter, of every single property, for every single client of ours, and translate these numbers into information that is helpful to the efficiency of our client’s endeavors. Naturally, a software that is able to handle such a high volume of data is complex in nature. Even though I am an intern at this company, I am not excused from not knowing how to properly operate and troubleshoot our software. Needless to say, there was, and still is, a ton of learning involved. I have gained valuable knowledge in the breadth and intensity of data management, and will continue to gain more experience during the remainder of my internship.

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