Warehouse | #5

After the eBay search produced nothing, I decided to headed to Craigslist. To absolutely no one’s surprise, no one had a listing of eight Mac minis lying around, but I did find a video production company who had one available. It was a 2012 Mac mini that met all of the specifications outlined in Post #3. As I was explaining my situation to one of the employees, he notified me of a warehouse distributor who often sold older computers.

In one of the unlikeliest turn of events, a visit to the warehouse yielded a gold mine. The employee there, Brent, not only had a giant stack of 50 Mac minis that exactly matched the aforementioned one for $250 each but also had a ton of 22” HP monitors that were being sold for $60 each. During this entire search, though, I just assumed that the owner would be content with used computers, as that is the only way to get a Mac mini at that price point. When I called and checked, I was a bit nervous, but was met with enthusiasm from the owner. This job was only halfway done, however. There was indeed a reason the company wanted to upgrade its entire computing lot. 

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