Website | #6

BRZ didn’t decide to upgrade because its systems were running slow. They had to upgrade in order to build a new website. The company’s online presence was described by the owner as “joke,” which was not the most inaccurate description of the situation. The company wanted me to help manage the transition to an online presence management platform called Thryv. Their rate of $1500 a month was fairly competitive considering it included not only a website but also SEO services and social media management. 

The transition had some of the most unexpected events and made me adapt to rapidly changing circumstances, a trait that I was lacking in until now. From an abrupt request to take photos of every single location to having to code entire widgets on my own, the website was incredibly challenging on a rapidly approaching deadline. On 21 August, however, the project was finally complete. Perhaps the biggest takeaway from that task is that adaptation can often be as important as familiarity with the tasks themselves. 

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