Wrapping Up #6

Interning at the Los Angeles Center for Community Law and Action was an incredibly valuable and educational experience. Through my research projects on rent control, I gained extensive knowledge on the topic (a topic that, before my internship, I only had a vague understanding of) and the nuances of the arguments for/against the policy. I also saw how these policies affect a community in a more personal manner, since our office was in a neighborhood that had rent-controlled buildings and clients often lived in buildings with rent control.

In addition to this, I got to work with other organizations involved in housing advocacy (such as the data project I worked on with the Anti-Eviction Mapping Project), since LACCLA was a part of a coalition of organizations fighting for rent control in unincorporated LA County.

I was also lucky to end on a high note, when we won the federal trial that occurred on the last week of my internship.

Overall, I really enjoyed my experience and I am grateful that I was given the opportunity to intern with LACCLA. It was the first time that I worked with an organization that was so integrated and involved with the community, which made the experience much more personal and meaningful. It solidified my desire to pursue a career in law, and I hope to one day make a difference in peoples’ lives in the same way that Noah and Tyler (the lawyers at LACCLA) are able to.

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