Blog #2: Location Location Location

“Nothing good ever came from your comfort zone”. Expansion is the name of the game for a small business owners its all about getting your product to reach the masses. At the beginning of the internship I expected to be eased into the work or closely monitored to ensure that I was completing task properly and efficiently, however my experience was complete opposite from the beginning Jasmine trusted my judgement and my intuition. I was nervous initially to contribute ideas and or complete task without confirmation. Brooklyn Body Butter uses social media as its main source of marketing, but the brand has also had a billboard in Detroit as well as a few appearances on local news channels to promote the brand and the mission. In addition to these marketing tactics Jasmine of Brooklyn Body Butter also enjoys product placement in local black businesses. I got to work on what would be the next location that Brooklyn Body Butter could be sold in that will bring in new customers.

I was surprised that my opinion mattered so early on. I decided that AR Virgin Hair was a wise location for the brand to move towards because first customers are going to this location for beauty products. So we are targeting customers that are potential consumers of our product because they are interested in beauty in general. Also this will bring in a younger consumer because younger adults purchase products from AR Virgin Hair. I was so excited to announce this collaboration on social media platforms, being able to #SpreadingTheLoveTheBrooklynWay. The thing that was similar to my expectations was the support of the team. No idea was too small or too large and if i needed assistance with execution they were all ears, and willing to give feedback.

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