Blog Post #3: Trial and Error

New Summer Scents


Next order of business the actual product. This internship was perfect for me because it was so hands on. The new scents that were created were SugaHunny Ice Tea, Strawberry Lemonade, PeachesNCream, Cucumber Melon, my favorite being SugaHunny Ice Tea. Instead of doing a complete photoshoot for the release of this launch, a simple office shoot that shows off the product. Making the butter was actually harder than I initially anticipated because the formula is whipped and if it is not done properly will not be consistent with the previous batches. A mistake that I made this week was that I under-whipped the butter and when Jasmine looked over the few jars I packaged she mentioned that those could not be sold, but I did get to keep the two jars. After that I checked in a few times to ensure the consistency was correct before I packaged it. After a while I got the hang of it.

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