Looking Forward – #6

Interning with American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee has taught me a lot about what I want to do and what I don’t want to do in the future. For starters, I fell in love with DC and didn’t want to leave. Given that I plan to take a gap year after I graduate, I hope to return to DC and work during that year. But it wouldn’t be a place where I would want to continue my studies or live permanently in. It is just good to know that there is a plan for me during my transitional phases of just overall sorting things out in my life. I didn’t think I would like DC given the government-focused perception I had, but I’m glad I saw the area for myself and I am thankful for the LSA department in giving me a scholarship to do so.

My internship also helped me decide that I don’t want to go into public policy, despite most of my internship work being centered around just that. While I acknowledge the importance of working within policy for effective and strong change, I don’t think it is the right field for me. I’d prefer more behind the scenes work of research, publication, and advocacy that ultimately is used to decide on policy.

That being said, my internship also made me realize I want to continue to study the Middle East and North Africa, while also working within refugee and international law within those regions. Working directly with the American-Arab community taught me about how much I enjoy my studies and how much more I have to learn. Here’s hoping that my future allows for this!

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