Blood Galore | Blog Post #6

My favorite memory as an intern occured right in the University of Michigan Main Hospital inside of the clinical simulation laboratory. As a part of my internship, my colleagues and I had the opportunity to attend a variety of trainings paid for by our employer, as long as they would help us to learn more about the field in which we were working (ie. clinical research and hepatology). As it was a skill that I’d always wished I’d had and one that I’d hoped would “beef up” my resume a little bit, we signed up for the phlebotomy course. It applied to our jobs because by being certified we would be able to save our Principal Investigator money as she often paid other hospital department to draw our research patients’ blood. Therefore, she was happy that we wanted to take the course.

Upon arriving to the clinical simulation laboratory I was in awe. The room was filled with mannequins of all different ages, sizes, and medical conditions. They were capable of everything from talking to giving birth and having seizures. As we went through the course I could not help but to be very excited. I asked a lot of questions and made sure to get the best out of the experience. I loved watching the blood flow through the tube because it meant that my draw was successful, I enjoyed talking to my mock patients about their previous experience with blood draws and easing their anxiety surrounding needles, and I even enjoyed the course. This my all sound weird, but for me, leaving the course with my certificate in venipuncture felt great — it felt like another step on my way to being a physician and it also felt like I’d finally get the patient interaction that I’d been yearning for. Although it was a small win, to me it was a win because for a lot of the summer I felt as if I wasn’t able to make a big enough impact being behind the scenes in research, but for once I felt just a tiny bit closer to my dream!

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