I Need MORE! | Blog Post#5

While there were many parts of my internship that I loved and many ways in which I benefited from the opportunity, most of all I feel that this internship helped me to be sure of how I want to spend my gap year. Although I know, and already knew, that I am passionate about Health Disparities research, I now know that research is not the way that I want spend my gap. As a future physician, I understand the importance of research and I am grateful that I have been able to participate in the many facets of its development however, this experience has shown me that during my time off of school I need MORE. I need to experience something that will remind me of my “why” and fuel me for my journey through medical school.


During my time this summer at Michigan Medicine I loved my job and enjoyed being able to participate in important research in the division of Hepatology, but throughout the summer I continued to fill as if something was missing. I felt as though I was on the outside of medicine looking in. Though this is not true, this feeling is what reminded me of why I am passionate for medicine. I like to get my hands dirty, I find joy in making sacrifices for the greater good of others, I love to be at the forefront of change. This were all things that my internship lacked and qualities that I will be sure to find in my next job. I hope to not be understand… I still love research and I recognize the integral that it plays in making the exact change that I speak of, but it is not my first love. I feel as though I have spent enough time in the background of change while I have been awaiting my time to matriculate into medical school, now I am determined to do something that allows my passions to shine even brighter. It was definitely not a goal of more or the purpose of this internship, but this internship my life pans tremendously (at least the ones in the near future). Because of this new insight I have decided to follow through with my previous plan of becoming an EMT and seek out a more hands-on position for the near future, with hopes that this position will give me the motivation I need to be propelled into my first year of medical school.

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