Ottawa County Parks and Recreation #1

My internship is through Ottawa County Parks and Recreation. There are two main divisions to my work: the stewardship crew and the work at the Nature Education Center (NEC). I was drawn to this internship because it involved work in education through the NEC and also work with volunteers and a wide group of people through the stewardship crew. Furthermore, I’m interested in nature education and childhood development.

The stewardship crew involves work such as planting trees, working with volunteer groups, removing invasive plants, and monitoring the spread of diseases. Through working with the stewardship crew, my goal is to connect with as many people as possible and to make at least one connection that will last past the internship. A challenge I for see is the work can be extremely hot and tiring being in the sun all day when the weather is above ninety degrees.

The work at the NEC consists of summer camps and other educational programs such as birding, kayaking, nature walks, wildflower hikes, and macroinvertebrate observation. My goal at the NEC is to help one person learn something that no one else at the NEC could teach them. I foresee many opportunities to help create and improve education programs at the NEC and to use my skill set to best help the center.

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