Ottawa County Parks and Recreation #3

Glyphosate: a broad spectrum systemic herbicide known to cause cancer and kill most plants. Austin: a person who drops gallon full glyphosate bottles with no cap on. I walked down the bike path at one of the county parks carrying a gallon of glyphosate with a hole the size of a hand for glove of death treatment on helleborine orchids. My hand was wet from sweat from the ninety-five-degree weather and the brutal sun and I made the fatal mistake of using one hand to carry the jug. I felt it slip out of my hand. I saw it fall in slow motion to the ground and splatter all over a large portion of the bike path and on some nearby grass. Blood rushed to my face and my mouth went dry. My hands sweat at an impossibly increasing rate. I stammered to my boss that I had committed the unforgivable crime of spilling pesticide. She responded that it was not a very big issue and the glyphosate would evaporate if I stood there for a few minutes. So, I stood there until the harsh sun solved the problem it helped contribute to and no one was even slightly angry at me. I was still ashamed at myself, however.

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